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A Velvet Mind

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A Velvet Mind

Lessons: 3 // Time: 1 h 11 mins

Welcome to a beautiful and dreamy exploration in graphite, watercolor and mixed media.

In this gentle painting, we will draw a relaxed and meditative face, using my intuitive framework for constructing a face seen from the front, that allows room for your own touch of hand, unique facial features and style.

We will then paint beautiful layers of classical watercolor, focusing on the power of diversifying dark, middle and light values, to give volume and depth to your painting.

Then finally we will branch out in mixed media (adding a diversity of other art materials) to make stunning details, tonal shading and embellishment in gold.


  • How to intuitively draw a face seen from the front
  • Painting layers of watercolor in classical techniques
  • Making stunning details by harnessing the power of mixed media over watercolor

Join me in this beautiful and calm drawing, watercolor + mixed media session, enjoing a relaxed and creative time.




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