Sketching for Life 2023

JUNE 16th - JUNE 25th 2023
Introduction to Sketching for Life 2023

Only $20 for the full 10 day event

10 days of sketching with Ida Andersen Lang

  • Learn my best practices for daily life sketching through ...
  • 9 hand tailored sketching lessons

  • Find your personal sweet-spot of sketching with joy and ease
  • Build a regular sketch habit
  • Develop your personal artistic touch and style through sketching
  • All in a super safe and supportive private SFL community

  • An Own Forever Bundle will be available inside of the Sketching for Life Challenge, so you can keep the lessons if you would like to.

The 9 Sketching for Life 2023 lessons


I am looking so much forward to sketching for life with you sooon.

Love, Light and Drawing Shimmer,


Sketching the Buddha from Life

In this lesson we sketch form Buddha figurines and experience the connection between sketching from life and from memory.

Sketching Faces from Imagination

In this lesson we sketch a face from imagination, based on simple forms and our personal memories of faces, to develop our personal style.

Sketching Seashells from Life

In this lesson we gently open our vision to sketching form real life objects to experience the joy of sketching from our beautiful, three dimensional world.

Sketching Abstracts from Imagination

In this lesson we hone our personal touch of hand and style with a unique process of dreaming up shapes from the blank paper.

Sketching Jewellery from Life

In this lesson we enjoy drawing small favourite objects. We play with composition and feel the zen of drawing small every day things.

Sketching Flowers from Photo

In this lesson we sketch flowers in an organic and intuitive way, diving into the fascinating realm of rendering light and shadow.

Sketching a Fantasy from Imagination

In this lesson we start with sketching abstract marks and then allow figures to emerge from the abstracts.

Sketching Owls from Photos

In this lesson we loosely sketch three birds of prey, focusing on simple shapes, composition and ambience.

Sketching a Landscape from Photo

In this lesson we explore landscape sketching, focusing on large geometrical shapes and light/shadow.


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WHO IS THIS FOR: This event is suitable for ALL levels, raw beginners, intermediate and experienced.
SFL is designed to be enjoyed at all levels of experience.
It is a great introduction to my philosophy of drawing, to get started with drawing and building a regular practice.

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This event is taking place

JUNE 16th - JUNE 25th 2023

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  • ALL content is pre-recorded and can be viewed any time, during the SFL Challenge
  • An Own Forever Bundle will be available for purchase for all SFL Challenge goers
  • The SFL Challenge content is hosted on a special webpage (no facebook needed)
  • The SFL Challenge community will be in an exclusive, closed facebook group for SFL challengers only 

Learn my best practices for sketching at an incredible price - only US $10.

Sketching for Life is a ...


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